Find out more about the feature film projects and filmmakers selected for the Cross Channel Film Lab in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


Bitter Violet (Marcin Ciastoń)

Entre les bêtes (Among the Beasts) (Alice Bégon, Clément Schneider)

Get Better, Now! (Pascal Dash, Emma Perrett)

Ghazala (Nida Naima Manzoor)

The Origin of the World (Emmanuelle Caquille)

Pigolem (Nolwenn Guiziou)

Remember Me (Ivan Knezevic)

Saya (Savin Yeatman-Eiffel)

Starfish (Gian Luca Caruso)

Stranger (James Pout)

Valkyries (Gorki Glaser Müller)

Violet Culbo (Michelle Williams Gamaker)

Zann (Gareth Peevers

Producer without project:

Toby Cameron



After Life (Guillaume Miquel)

Angel West (N.G. Bristow)

Àse (Andrea ter Avest Dahm)

Better Self (Rosy Barnes, Lindsay McGee)

Captcha (Laura Deeley, Edward Tracy, Rob Yescombe)

Darkness for Light (Stephan Bookas, Jules Gladys)

E-thic (Corto Fajal)

Haunted by City Lights (Stratis Chatzielenoudas)

In Between (Bogdan Mustata)

Invisible (Pierre-Gilles Stehr)

Itinerary (Kate Sullivan)

Joe and Katie are in a Relationship (Matt Redd, Kathy Speirs)

Montaña Azul (Blue Mountain) (Joy Penroz)

Untitled (Ben Schwartz)

We Are Neighbours (Karen Guillorel)

Yakov’s Ark (Lévon Minasian)

Producers without projects:

  • Carlos Esteban Esteban
  • Dulce da Rocha Gonçalves
  • Andrey Hadjivasilev



Dôme (Luis Briceño, Jérémy Rochigneux)

La Fille de l’Estuaire (Gaëlle Denis, Christopher Andrews, Ohna Falby)

The Incredible Voyage of Dullwich-on-Sea (Jamie Stone, Joe Barton, Sophie Vickers)

Tro Fañch (Giil Taws, Christophe Briand)



Slow Light (Richard Fenwick)

One and All (Henry Davies, Graham Mitchell/Will Coleman, Denzil Monk/John Crooks)

La Reine du Sabbat (Pablo Agüero, Nicolas R. de la Mothe)

Voice of the Deep (David Vital-Durand, Ilann Girard)