Kenya – Stereo 3D Project – 2015

Andrea ter Avest Dahm (writer)

ANDREA TER AVEST DAHM, Stereo 3D participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Born in Nigeria of Dutch parents, Andrea ter Avest Dahm studied film at Amsterdam University, specialising in narration in African fiction film.  During her MA in film studies she also acted and was pleased to study acting at the Drama Studio London.  Andrea always has always liked the rehearsal period better than the performance, and in Denmark she worked with a passion developing plays at the Betty Nansen theatre from which The Hijab Monologues was the most successful.  Now she plans to combine her 3D theatre experience, African roots and film studies in this 3D feature about Austrian artist Susanne Wenger.


One European woman’s fight to find authenticity by sculpting shrines to an almost forgotten ancient African wisdom, giving birth to a new expression.  Àse is told through a spiral structure of seven parts, based on that of African myths.  We begin with Susanne Wenger lying in a hospital bed almost dying of tuberculosis after having just arrived in Africa, and end in a hospital bed nearly 60 years later in 2009, when she dies at the age of 94.  These seven parts of her life story all have a clear physical phase: laying, sitting, standing, fighting, standing, sitting, and lying, and each chapter begins with the same frame of trees through which we see the episode begin.  Every episode ends with a silent tour through one of Susanne’s shrines, gates or sculptures.  Stereo 3D will enable the audience to travel through the forms, while we hear during each of these journeys through Susanne’s work the voice over of one of the seven main characters, the one who invited us in to that chapter.