Better Self

UK – VFX Project – 2015

Rosy Barnes (writer)


Rosy Barnes has an MA in Theatre Directing from the University of East Anglia.  In 2013 she was selected for Low-Fi, the low finance film scheme in Scotland, where she developed the comedy feature screenplay, Better Self.  Her comic novel, Sadomasochism for Accountants, was described as Refreshingly irreverent … a fine comic novel” by The Scotsman and topped the Amazon digital comedy e-fiction category, and her radio play, The Dog House, was produced by RTE Radio where it was shortlisted for the P.J. O’Connor Award.  Rosy’s screenplay adapted from the novel was chosen for the She Writes Talent List 2011 and was selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival Talent Lab.  Other recent work includes as writer on a comedy project, Alchemy, comedy writing workshops, and regular writing on the well-known literary blog Vulpes Libris.

Lindsay McGee (producer)

LINDSAY McGEE, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,

Lindsay McGee is an Edinburgh based writer-producer and graduate of the MA Screenwriting course at Screen Academy Scotland.  In 2011 she was selected as a writer on the EIFF Talent Lab, where she won Best Pitch for her project Shit Happens.  In 2013 and 2014 she participated as a producer on Lo-Fi, Scotland’s low budget feature film development scheme.  In 2015 Lindsay took part in the Rotterdam Lab and started her film production company Braw Films.  She is currently producing a short comedy drama, The Lookalikes, supported by the Scottish Film Talent Network.


Self-absorbed Myles is so busy looking backwards he can’t see what’s under his nose, that his best friend is in love with him.   When he discovers that his ex-wife is seeing someone else, Myles downloads a personal mentoring app – Better Self.   What he doesn’t expect is for Better Self to turn up in human form, in his bathroom.  He finds himself in bodily danger when he downloads a mysterious self-help app with ulterior motives.  Better Self is a high concept low budget feature which explores our relationship with social media in a unique way – the two main characters enter the internet, or “Cyberia” – a part of the internet where abandoned online profiles are stored.  The creation of Cyberia, along with other visual effects such as the “Eyeball” (a spoof on virtual reality glasses), is fundamental to the premise of the film.