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The feature film teams’ selected for this year’s Cross Channel Film Lab share their experience of the first workshop. What was the most exciting element? What were the challenges? More perspectives to come soon…

We’ve just announced an exciting programme of Open Sessions to be held at Falmouth University from 23 to 25 March 2013. These workshops, open to industry professionals, will be a fantastic opportunity to engage with some of the experts involved with the Cross Channel Film Lab, and get up close to our research and lab projects […]

Pippa Best shares some of last week’s discussions of Stereo 3D at a low budget: What if Stereo 3D drama wasn’t all about spectacular fly-throughs, sudden shocks and vast expensive landscapes? What if it calmly took us closer to the characters and emotion at the story’s heart?

We’re just back from an inspiring week in Brittany with the partners and consultants – including François Garnier, Claude Bailblé, Jean-Baptiste Lère, Jérémie Apperry, Joséphine Derobe, Rémi Brun, Christophe Lemoine, Marc Heymann and Mathieu Cassegrain To give you a taste of what we discussed, here are some of the tweets and photos from the workshop. […]