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A call to action from stereographer Joséphine Derobe as she shares her Stereo 3D journey – Let’s go beyond!

Joséphine shares her Stereo 3D story in this guest post as part of our research series, celebrating The Third Dimension: our open programme of Stereo 3D events in Falmouth from 11-13 November.

Can Stereo 3D still attract an audience, and if so, what opportunities exist for film-makers working on low to medium budget feature films to make the most of Stereo 3D? A podcast recorded at the Cornwall Film Festival, featuring Alex Stolz (BFI), Denzil Monk and Will Coleman (One and All)

This session is now part of the CCFL Training archive. To access the archive, join one of our 2015 training programmes – more info coming soon.     A European Perspective on Shooting Stereo 3D  Joséphine Derobe (stereographer) and Fabienne Tsaï (stereo 3D producer) share practical examples, including screen test material, of the range of […]

Access to the online open sessions programme from 2013 is now closed. For more information on the online session content, see below. The training programme included sessions on the history and future of Stereo 3D, practical case studies, advice on making the most of budgetary limitations, insight into what developers and audiences want, and discussions to […]

The partners in the 2013 Cross Channel Film Lab talk about the value of the Lab’s unique approach.

Yann Apperry, Pippa Best and Mary Davies share their experience of script development within  the 2013 Cross Channel Film Lab framework so far.

Some of the Stereo 3D technical experts involved in the 2013 Cross Channel Film Lab share their thoughts on the process so far. More perspectives to come soon…

The feature film teams’ selected for this year’s Cross Channel Film Lab share their experience of the first workshop. What was the most exciting element? What were the challenges? More perspectives to come soon…

A short film illustrating some of the ways to use visual effects without spending a fortune, featuring work from the National Centre for Computer Animation.

The heart of the Cross Channel Film Lab? People and technology – innovation and collaboration.

Watch this mini-documentary from our 2012 Partners’s Workshop in Brittany to find out more…