17 international filmmakers with VFX and Stereo 3D feature film projects have been selected to take part in the Cross Channel Film Lab’s 2016 core programme, which will kick off on 7 June with a four-day workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall.

The Cross Channel Film Lab Training programme is designed to bring together European writers, directors and producers with visual technologies experts and script consultants to explore how storytelling can be impacted by the use of these technologies, positively influencing the development and production of low to medium budget feature films.

The Cross Channel Film Lab Training programme is led by Le Groupe Ouest in partnership with Creative England and Falmouth University. It is supported by Creative Europe.

The selected participants, from six countries in Europe, will take part in sessions that will help them obtain the skills, knowledge and extended networks needed to successfully utilise VFX and/or Stereo 3D technologies at low to medium budgets and open up new creative possibilities for independent cinema.

14 feature film projects, split between VFX and Stereo 3D, will be developed over six months, starting with the Falmouth workshop and finishing with a second residential workshop at Le Groupe Ouest’s headquarters in Brittany in November, with virtual consultancy sessions with story and technical consultants in between. CCFL Training combines traditional learning (case studies, seminars) with hands-on training, group and individual project mentoring, and peer learning, and online sessions that provide an opportunity to revisit past workshop sessions. A parallel online programme incorporating these sessions will be announced in June, with a call for a further group of participants.

Mary Davies and Antoine Le Bos, co-directors of CCFL Training, are delighted with the range of participants: “Our second year with Creative Europe’s involvement has allowed us to build on the past four years of the CCFL and to have participants from all over Europe beyond the UK and France, where we started in 2012.”

The following filmmakers will be participating in the Cross Channel Film Lab Training 2016 programme:

  • Alice Bégon (France) – producer, Entre les bêtes (Among the Beasts) (VFX)
  • Toby Cameron (UK) – producer (Stereo 3D)
  • Emmanuelle Caquille (France) – writer-director, The Origin of the World (Stereo 3D)
  • Gian Luca Caruso (Italy) – writer-director, Raiders of Starfishes (VFX)
  • Marcin Ciastoń (Poland) – writer, Bitter Violet (working title) (VFX)
  • Pascal Dash (France) – writer-director, Get Better, Now! (VFX)
  • Nolwenn Guiziou (France) – writer-director, Pigolem (Stereo 3D)
  • Ivan Knezevic (Serbia) – writer-director-producer, Remember Me (Stereo 3D)
  • Nida Naima Manzoor (UK) – writer-director, Ghazala (VFX)
  • Simon Meacock (UK) – co-writer, Mr Sundown (VFX)
  • Gorki Glaser Müller (Sweden) – writer-director, Valkyries (VFX)
  • Gareth Peevers (UK) – writer-director, Zann (VFX)
  • Emma Perrett (France) – writer-director, Get Better, Now! (VFX)
  • James Pout (UK) – writer, Stranger (VFX)
  • Clément Schneider (France) – writer-director, Entre les bêtes (Among the Beasts) (VFX)
  • Michelle Williams Gamaker (UK) – writer-director, Violet Culbo (VFX)
  • Savin Yeatman-Eiffel (France) – writer-director, Saya (VFX)

The CCFL Training consultants at the Falmouth workshop will be:

  • Yann Apperry – script consultant (France)
  • Mary Davies – script consultant (UK)
  • Matthieu Taponier – script consultant (France)
  • François Garnier – stereoscopy lecturer, director and new media designer (France)
  • Tommi Lehtonen – founder and CEO, UNITC Ltd. (Finland)
  • Peter Rogers – VFX producer, Bait Studio (Cardiff, UK)

For more information, contact: Mary Davies uk@crosschannelfilmlab.com

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