Bursaries may be available from training organisations within Europe to support selected participants. Please consult your local Mediadesk or film commission for more information on accessing these.

In addition, a limited number of bursaries will be made available by the Cross Channel Film Lab in cases of financial hardship.  If you think your situation may qualify you for one of these, please contact us at info@crosschannelfilmlab.com or via the website.

Here are some organisations that may be able to offer financial support:

European Cultural Foundation STEP Beyond Travel grant – Europe  Designed for artists and cultural workers to travel between EU, EFTA and countries bordering the EU. Priority is given to individuals who under 35 years old and/or who are in the first 10 years of their career.  http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/step-beyond

Dutch applicants – Netherlands Film Fund

Irish applicants – FÁS
  enhances the skills and competencies of individuals and enterprises in order for Ireland to further develop as a competitive, inclusive, knowledge-based economy.

Irish applicants – Arts Council Ireland  A major funder of the arts in Ireland.

Swiss applicants – Office Fédéral de la Culture
  Support for attending MEDIA-funded training.

Lab for Culture
  Directory of European sources of funding for culture.

Northern Ireland  http://www.northernirelandscreen.co.uk/sections/46/skills-funding.aspx

Scotland  Support for individuals attending talent labs.  http://www.scottishfilmtalent.com/professional-development/

United Kingdom  http://creativeskillset.org/who_we_help/creative_professionals/funding_for_film_train

England  http://creativeskillset.org/who_we_help/creative_professionals/funding_for_diversity