CCFL Training will support you to find the space and support you need to:

• Hone your story idea with expert consultancy and specialist support

• Explore how technical input in development and production generates more creative, cost-effective and engaging cinema

• Be inspired by an innovative community of filmmakers and technicians from across Europe

• Obtain the skills, knowledge and extended networks you need to successfully utilise VFX and/or Stereo 3D technologies in your feature film.


The CCFL Training core programme is structured to support filmmakers over a six month period, with residential workshops taking place in the UK and France at either end of this (four days at the start, and three days at the end), and virtual support in between.

Between June and November 2015, filmmakers participating in the CCFL Training core programme will work on a feature film idea with a team of experts, emphasising story and technology, production and post-production strategy.  During the programme, each feature film team or writer or writer-director will develop a project pitch in response to their individual needs.  The final discussion of the project proposals at the end of the programme will identify strategies for progressing the projects.  (NOTE: Producers who are not part of a project team will participate in the workshops but will not develop a specific project.)


In individual and group mentoring sessions, story consultants will work alongside VFX and Stereo 3D consultants to explore the most effective ways for these projects to use technology and engage an audience.  Teams will also receive market input from industry experts.

CCCFL Training offers a blended learning approach, with online material allowing participants to revisit past sessions, generating online discussion and building a wider industry network.  The core programme combines case studies and seminars with hands-on training and group and individual project mentoring.  All participants, (including producers not attached to projects) will have the chance to experience hands-on testing of pre-vis and other relevant technologies at the workshops, alongside the best of the Stereo 3D and VFX training modules selected from our past programmes.

In addition to the two residential workshops in the UK and France, participants in the core programme will attend two online programmes (each taking place over 3 – 5 weeknight evenings) where past sessions are revisited with a wider audience and an opportunity to ask further questions of experts.  The final of these online sessions will offer an opportunity to pitch revised projects to a live industry panel.

Core programme participants will also benefit from two virtual consultancy sessions with experienced story consultants, scheduled at a convenient time between the two residential workshops.

The intention is that each participant or team will leave with a stronger project in terms of narrative and overall vision, a better understanding of what is possible within budget constraints, some valuable industry connections, and a more credible package with which to raise future development or production finance.