The first workshop of the CCFL Training core programme for 2016 will take place at Falmouth University’s Penryn campus from Tuesday 7 to Friday 11 June.

Participants with Stereo 3D and VFX projects will take part in a mix of seminars, case studies, group discussions, one-to-one sessions with script and visual technology consultants, and will have a chance to be hands-on with some of the latest technology.  Over the summer they will work with script consultants on honing their core stories, taking into account what they have learned in Falmouth, ready to arrive at the second workshop in Brittany in November with a more developed story outline or treatment.

The core programme participants will be announced very soon.

Sessions from the Falmouth workshop will be recorded and made available not only to the core programme participants but in the CCFL Training online programme.

Online and core programme participants will be able to access the Cross Channel Film Lab archive material from September to November 2016, and a private Facebook group will also be open during this period.

The first phase of “live” online sessions (viewing CCFL sessions and web chat with speakers) will take place in the evenings (generally from 19.00 to 21.30 UK time) in September 2016, and the second phase at the same times in November 2016.

A call for applications for the online programme will open in late May or early June.