Get Better, Now!

France – VFX Project – 2016

Emma Perret (writer-director)

Cross Channel Film Lab 2016 Training Workshop 1, CornwallSince studying at Gobelins and Atelier Scénario at La Fémis, Emma Perret has been a screenwriter for animation, before starting to write and direct award-winning live action short films.




Pascal Dash (co-writer, co-director)

Cross Channel Film Lab 2016 Training Workshop 1, CornwallPascal Dash started out as a fashion photographer prior to directing more than 100 videos, TV commercials and video art pieces.

But when a director (she) meets a director (he) and their universes have such common denominators, they have no alternative but to live and make lots of films together.

For the last four years Pascal and Emma have shared their dual perspective and brains, working together around the world.  They have directed, among other things, a Web-serial in Arabic (10 million views), clips and TV commercials in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Russia.

They are also developing feature films together, including Momo, winner of a script writing residency at Le Groupe Ouest, selected for the International Scriptwriter Film Festival Forum, and the Gan Film Foundation, and their latest project: Get Better Now!


In the near future, at a time of climate change migration, a gigantic refugee camp called the Jungle is surrounded by border controls preventing inhabitants from entering the nearby megacity.  The refugees are trapped with smugglers, racketeers, narcos and pimps.  A society outside society has grown in anarchy and dispossession.  25 year-old Mina, who lives in the Jungle, has lost her family and her arm which has been replaced with a biomimetic prothesis, thanks to sponsors.  Mina, does not know that she is being filmed and live streamed, to show consumers the technology works, even in the worst conditions.  She has been chosen as a guinea pig to be enhanced by other bionic technologies; her vulnerability attracted the marketing department of the bionic company.  Cameras and drones are, without her knowledge, following her life in the refugee camp for a holographic live streaming show called Get Better, Now ! created to promote the human enhancement business.  Audiences can see how memory enhancement, sensory extension, and her strong new arm, enable Mina to rebuild trust in herself and the desire to carry on, unlike previous subjects who wasted their new powers by acting uncommercially.