Joe and Katie are in a Relationship

UK – VFX Project – 2015

Matt Redd (writer)

MATT REDD, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Matt Redd writes drama and comedy for film and television.  He was awarded BFI Net.Work funding for the development of the romantic comedy feature film Joe and Katie are in a Relationship, via Ffilm Cymru Wales in 2014.  Matt was commissioned by the BBC to write a 10 minute Red Button episode of the medical drama Casualty, titled The Kids Aren’t Alright, which was transmitted in July 2012 and is available to view on the BBC Casualty website.  He was shortlisted for the BBC Writers Academy in 2012 and the BBC Holby City Shadow Writers Scheme in 2012.

Kathy Speirs (producer)

KATHY SPEIRS, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Kathy Speirs’ company Up Helly Aa is currently developing and producing a small slate of feature films for the international market. These include Moon Dogs, a UK-Irish co-production with Ripple World Pictures, produced by Kathy Speirs with executive producer Ken Marshall, written by Raymond Freil and Derek Boyle, and directed by Philip John.  The company intends to expand its thinking and practice in cross-platform audience building and social strategies.  Up Helly Aa likes working with nice people who enjoy telling great stories.


Joe and Katie are in a relationship … or are they?  Desperate to make their exes jealous, these two freshly dumped friends use social media to pretend they’re now a couple, but things get complicated when who they are on the internet changes who they are in real life.  As the two friends go on a series of “dates” and spend more and more time together, Joe realises that his “relationship” with Katie is quite different to the one he had with his ex-girlfriend, and that while he’s getting over her, he might actually be falling for Katie.  But Katie doesn’t feel the same way about Joe and, as predicted, her ex-boyfriend  has come running back to her.  Now Joe is faced with having to do the one thing he hasn’t been able to do before – stand on his own two feet and move on with his life – while Katie must work out if being with Max is actually going to make her as happy as she looks in the photos.  Joe and Katie are in a Relationship will utilise new technology to update an old fashioned romantic comedy.

Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,