The French and UK partners are returning from Summer holidays refreshed and excited about our upcoming call for applications. We can’t wait to hear about your projects and find some fantastic teams to work with on the Cross Channel Film Lab in 2013.

In 2010, we ran a ’mini’ Cross Channel Film Lab that brought UK and French screenwriters together to explore different ways of working – 2 screenwriters from Cornwall, and 2 from Brittany. We didn’t focus solely on low budget projects with a VFX or Stereo 3D element, but many of the ideas we explored during that Lab remain relevant to the new Lab.

So while we get ready to launch the next phase of our work, we’re sharing a few of the blog posts that we wrote during that first lab to give you a flavour of where we started – on the role of pitching in development, why your poster might be important at an early stage, and whether low budget features can really deliver great VFX

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