Pippa Best

Arts Centre Trust Cornwall

Pippa developed and delivered the first phase of the Cross Channel Film Lab as UK Project Director and Script Consultant.

Pippa has worked as a freelance script consultant since 1999 for a diverse range of clients – produced films for Parallax include Blind Flight and Yasmin. She was Project Director of Cornwall Film, a £1.9million EU funded project to develop Cornwall’s film, TV and digital media sector via training schemes, mentoring, development and production activity. Festival Director of the Cornwall Film Festival in its second year, Pippa also worked as Development Executive for the Cornwall Film Fund, supporting over 50 projects.

Pippa was Head of Development at Zephyr Films from 1997 to 2002, developing a slate of features with emerging talent. European co-productions at Zephyr included Mathilde and Secret Passage. Pippa joined Zephyr in 1995 working in development and production on Esther Kahn, My Son the Fanatic, and A Further Gesture.

In addition to script editing, Pippa has worked as a consultant for Falmouth University. And in her elusive free time, runs a creative online community for mums: www.storyofmum.com.

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