Remember Me

Serbia – Stereo 3D Project – 2016

Ivan Knezevic (writer-director-producer)

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 22.03.55Born 1984 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Ivan Knezevic graduated in film editing from the University of Novi Sad Academy of Arts.   He currently works as an editor and writer.  Ivan participated in the writer’s programme of the 2011 Sarajevo Talents, and the Script Station programme of the 2012 Berlinale Talents.  His short film Tamara was named the best short screenplay at the National Screenplay Festival of Serbia, and was picked up for worldwide distribution by Eurochannel Inc.  In 2014, Ivan participated in the TRANSISTOR Stereo 3D workshop.  He also participated in the 2015 Torino FilmLab’s AdaptLab.


Seventy year-old Carl is brought home after a hip operation.  His son leaves, promising to visit soon.  Carl is left alone on the seventeenth floor of a grey, decrepit apartment complex.  His phone calls to his son and grandchildren are barely returned.  After a stormy night, Carl wakes up to an eerie silence.  Visible from the window, in the far distance and obscured by the smog, stands a giant indiscernible shape.  Spiderlike beings scour the outer walls and the insides of buildings, breaking into apartments and killing people.  Carl learns of a sanctuary established at a far away military base.  However, his son and his family are already on their way over there, having left Carl behind.

With help from a young neighbor, Carl manages to make his way down the seventeen floors of the building, but the young man dies at the hands of the aliens.  He finds a car and drives away from the city only to see it destroyed in a bombardment.  Driving towards the military base, Carl sees a flipped car, just like the one his son drives, but no-one is there.  He reaches the military base, where an overwhelming number of people is huddled inside, listening to radios and hoping for the best.  Carl notices his son and his family, sitting together.  He turns round and disappears in the crowd, alone once again.