Slow Light

UK – VFX project – 2013



Richard Fenwick (writer-director)

RF photo copy


Richard’s work uses bold, imaginative storytelling, an eclectic range of styles and sharp, satirical wit.  His background in motion graphics led him to direct many critically acclaimed music videos for bands such as Death in Vegas, Timo Maas and Teenage Fanclub, as well as work for commercial brands.  He was nominated for Best New Director at the Music Creative & Design Awards and the Kinsale Advertising Awards.  Richard has written and directed a number of acclaimed short films including Artificial Worlds, The Box, Love Letter, Cherry, Safety Procedures, Albert’s Speech and the User Guides series.  His work has screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide, on numerous television channels, and has won many awards. 


After the death of his grandfather a 12 year-old child genius convinces his disillusioned scientist uncle to help him find eternity.


Paul, an isolated 12 year-old child genius, is heartbroken when his grandfather dies.  Unable to accept the idea of death, Paul vows to to find eternity.  With his damaged scientist uncle, who has his own reasons for helping, Paul sets to work in secret, and they combine knowledge and theory in a daring experiment.  As both nephew and uncle rail against society, the project becomes an obsession, alienating those around them and taking up more and more of their lives.  When their efforts meet with partial success, they realise they are going to have to take enormous risks for their quest to succeed.  As they approach their goal, Paul learns as much about life as he does about death.