Sweden – VFX Project – 2016

Gorki Glaser-Müller (writer-director)

Cross Channel Film Lab 2016 Training Workshop 1, CornwallA filmmaker and video artist with a background as a professional actor, Gorki Glaser-Müller was born in Santiago, Chile and came to Sweden at the age of 13 in 1986.  Telling audiovisual stories has become a passion for him.  He graduated from the School of Photography and Film (film directing) at Gothenburg University in 2005.  Gorki has made various video art pieces, written and directed short fiction and documentary films, music videos and commercials, and in 2012 wrote, directed and produced a feature, A Time of Year.  He also writes short stories and is currently writing his second feature, The Return, for Zentropa.


A fantasy-thriller about friendship, youth and the power change the world, Valkyries is the story of M and her friends and how they discover their ability to fly together.  M is a twenty-something Greek-German girl, a political activist who has been unfairly imprisoned on a deserted island somewhere in Scandinavia.  Together with the other girls there she discovers the secret of the mysterious island: they have the ability to float.  Risking their lives, the girls eventually manage to control this skill and escape by flying, only to discover that everything they ever believed in was a lie.  They have all been imprisoned as a part of a psychological experiment and have had to develop this skill in order to leave the island.  But every gain has its cost and every power its responsibility.

For thousands of years mankind has pursued the ability to fly, to levitate.  In different cultures we can see different myths and we often dream of it at night.  Through modern mythic storytelling Valkyries should engage the audience in the forging of their own future.  When you can see the world order in our everyday life, when you discover the norms, then you have one of three choices: to change the world, to leave it or to destroy it.  When you have more power than others your choice is even more important.