Voice of the Deep

France – VFX project – 2013

Watch a short film about the animation tests and script development process for the feature film project, Voice of the Deep, as part of the Cross Channel Film Lab 2013.  With writer-director David Vital-Durand.


David Vital-Durand (writer-director)

David Vital-Durand photo copy

Originally from Lyon, filmmaker and photographer David Vital-Durand grew up in an artistic environment since his architect parents had a wide circle of friends that included artists, directors and musicians.  He studied broadcasting and then travelled and gained experience in filming, photography and sculpture.  In 1995 he started to co-direct short programmes with his brother and later worked on music videos (Sinead O’Connor, Elton John, Suede, Ryiuchi Sakamoto, Lloyd Coole), commercials (Gold Lion in 2000 for Bic, Lee Cooper, Vinci) and shorts, including Angels, a 17-minute film, which won a CNC Quality Award (National Centre of Cinematography) and was selected for numerous festivals in France and abroad.  In 2007 David directed a documentary about sexuality.  Currently he is working on two feature film projects: a road movie set in India and a film about creatures of the sub marine abyss.  David has had a passion for photography for twenty years (current exhibition at the Galerie Brasilia in Paris).  When it comes to films and pictures, his work has a strong inclination towards surrealistic subjects inhabited by human fragility and emotion.

Ilann Girard (producer)

Ilann Girard photo copyFormer Senior VP Legal & Business Affairs of Pandora Cinema, Ilann Girard set up Arsam in 2002 as a one-stop services company offering business affairs consultancy and finance packaging services to the film and television production community, as well as an international sales and co-production operation.  In 2004, he set up Arsam International, a production company.  Ilann Girard has executive produced Renaissance, March of the Penguins, Plastic Planet, as well as Summer Games (Venice 2011).  He produced Bille August’s Goodbye Bafana (Berlinale 2007) and Golden Lion awarded Lebanon by Samuel Maoz.  Most recently, he has produced I Anna by Barnaby Southcombe (Berlinale 2012), Ombline by Stéphane Cazes (Cannes Junior Prize 2012) and When Day Breaks by Goran Paskaljevic (Toronto 2012).


Jules, 14 and lonely, discovers a creature from the abyss alongside a beach.  Is it a signal of a danger from the deep sea?

Jules, an already awkward teen, has long been suffering due to the additional humiliation his hostile parents are causing him.  Their constant bickering over this vacation has led him to seek refuge in the underwater world.  There, below the water’s surface, Jules find peace and is bewildered by the marine life he observes.

On one of his scuba diving expeditions, Jules meets a Dumbo octopus, a creature rarely seen above its deepwater realm.  The Dumbo beckons the boy to follow it, revealing the watery grave of other abyss-dwelling animals.  With further observations, Jules starts to unravel the mystery behind their deaths and discovers danger is imminent.  He warns his entourage of the menace but to no avail.

More alone than ever, Jules runs away.  Determined to save the animals, as well as the humans, from a possible ecological disaster, he sets off in a stolen bathyscape on the adventure of a lifetime.  For the first time in his life, Jules will prove to his parents, and to himself, that he can make them proud.