We are Neighbours

France – Stereo 3D Project – 2015

Karen Guillorel (writer-director)

KAREN GUILLOREL, Stereo 3D participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Since her history studies at Paris X University, Karen Guillorel has worked for ten years in audiovisual post-production (editing, 2D compositing and 3D VFX) and the videogames industry.  In 2009, she began to write for television as a cartoon scriptwriter and in 2012 she wrote a feature script, Lucie’s Head, in the scenario workshop of the French national school FEMIS.   Karen is also a research student at the ENER lab of ENSAD created by François Garnier.  She received a Beaumarchais SACD writing grant for a TV concept Mon HP and a SCAM grant “Brouillon d’un rêve” for her digital art 3D real time creation called E-Migrations (videoformes IFAV prize).  She has also directed three experimental short movies and a creation documentary.  Karen is now working on directing her script Nous sommes voisins (We are Neighbours) and would like to direct movies in 3D.

Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,


In the near future, Paris is devastated.  Two elderly brothers, Robert and André,  live on the ground floor of a dilapidated apartment building.  Their upstairs neighbour has been playing classical symphonic music at deafening volume for thirty years.  Leaving the building is forbidden under penalty of death and André’s obsession has been to repair their old telephone in order to call the neighbour and ask her to stop her damn music.  During all this time, Robert has mocked his brother’s stubbornness.  He keeps to himself and resents the fact that he cannot even die in silence.  One morning, André, who is disappointed to have failed again to repair the telephone, plans as he does every day to go upstairs but gives up before even setting foot on the staircase. Robert, for the first time in his existence, decides to go upstairs to make the music stop.  As they discover the source of the music, the neighbours must choose whether it is better to die together or live alone.