Panel discussion: 09.30 – 10.30, Wednesday 12 November, AIR, Tremough campus, Falmouth University

Eugenie Jansen (director), Kommer Klejn (Stereo 3D advisor) and Michel Schöpping (sound recordist) join Cross Channel Film Lab co-directors Antoine Le Bos and Fabienne Tsaï to share how they combined a documentary sensibility with a more rigid technical form, and discuss the role of Stereo 3D sound in bringing their vision to life.

Above Us All is an impressively realised Stereo 3D feature film using non-professional actors to tell the tale of a family after the death of their mother is a rare attempt to use stereoscopic technology for something other than exploding cities and alien invasions.  Uniquely placing the audience in the middle of the action as the camera turns in 360 degree circles, the film features beautiful sequences shot on location in Australia and Belgium.


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NOTE: Above Us All will be screened at The Phoenix Cinema from 20.30 – 23.00 on Tuesday 11 November. More information on the film and how to book a ticket to see the film can be found here.