After Life

France – VFX Project – 2015

Guillaume Miquel (writer-director)

GUILLAUME MIQUEL, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Guillaume Miquel is a French film director living in Paris.  Having worked on many feature films and clips, Guillaume started developing his own fiction projects in 2012.  He has also worked for big names in fashion for whom he has produced fashion films.  Among his most recent work, the short films 50 Pence, on which he he worked as a cinematographer and co-director, and Ananas Spleen (Adam’s Pineapple), which he wrote and directed, were selected by more than 30 festivals in Europe and the United States.  Guillaume is also a musician, and is drummer and writer in the band Minnie Moskowitz.


In the near future, you can purchase your afterlife from the company AfterLife.  By restoring brain activity right after death, the company dives into the consciousness of the deceased, creating a state of Post Mortem Life, or PML, like a long dream, consisting of real and fictitious memories chosen by customers during their lifetime, according to their budgets.  One day, Jeff, who builds PMLs, finds himself in the memories of a rebellious woman.

Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,

Inspired by the myth of Orpheus and films sharing the same theme, where the hero falls in love with an image and goes through the mirror to join her and try to bring her back to life, After Life asks what would happen if technology replaces religion on an issue like life after death.  The hero’s quest for truth will lead him to investigate both the real world and the dream-like spaces of the PML.  While dealing with social progress and technology, the film will put mankind at the heart of the new technologies.