UK – VFX Project – 2015

Edward Tracy (director)

EDWARD TRACY, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Edward studied film at Central St Martins in London, before making short films with actor Tom Hardy.  He co-created and wrote and directed the multi award winning comedy shows Fonejacker (2008) and Facejacker (2010), winning a BAFTA award for best comedy.  Edward took the lead in editing, animation, design, camera, and music composition.  He has directed music videos for Dizzee Rascal, Riz MC (actor Riz Ahmed) and collaborated with Banksy on the street artist’s documentary film in 2011.  Captcha is Edward’s debut film as director.  Edward’s hands-on approach to VFX led him to create and produce the VFX Environments for the BBC2 series Murder In Successville in 2015.

Rob Yescombe (writer)

ROB YESCOMBE, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Rob Yescombe began his writing career in videogames, where he has written for franchises including Alien, Rambo, Star Wars, Family Guy and Tarzan.  Among his feature film accolades, Rob has won both the Screenwriting Award of Excellence and the Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival, as well as Best Thriller at the Creative World Awards.  His feature screenplay Outside the Wire landed on the Brit List 2014, and is set with London-based production company 42, to be exec produced by Automatik.

Laura Deeley (co-writer)

LAURA DEELEY, VFX participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Laura Deeley is a former journalist, with eight years experience in national newspapers.  She won BAFTA’s Pitch UP!, was shortlisted for the Rocliffe New Writers Forum, BBC Writers Room and New York Screenplay Competition, and has written for franchises including Dawn of Titans and Family Guy.  Laura is currently developing a comedy drama with Headstrong Pictures and a drama with CBS Productions.


Based on a short film with the same title, Captcha was inspired by the myth of Cupid, the concept of love directed and controlled.  What if it was used as a weapon?  A concept dubbed as being “spiked”.  The short film is set in a futuristic version of 1940s London.  The story presents the situation of a long term “spike victim” being injured, his implant failing.  The spy who put it there has in the meantime fallen in love for real.  She chooses to betray her mission and save her lover, but once he knows the truth about their deception, can he ever forgive her, let alone love her?  Can they ever be truly free of what happened?  Does destiny still have a role when such trickery is used for something so emotive as “true love”?  Can “true love” ever be attributed to just a chemical reaction, or is there a force at work which goes beyond our comprehension?  Can the pair tell the difference between what emotion is real and what is fake?

Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,