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What does it really take to create high end VFX at a low budget?  VFX supervisor Christian Lett of Bait Studio demonstrates the inventive ways in which he and Director Caradog James created a high-budget look for award-winning low-budget feature The Machine. This VFX case study will give you a taste of the kind of expert […]

This session is now part of the CCFL Training archive. To access the archive, join one of our 2015 training programmes – more info coming soon.     A European Perspective on Shooting Stereo 3D  Joséphine Derobe (stereographer) and Fabienne Tsaï (stereo 3D producer) share practical examples, including screen test material, of the range of […]

Access to the online open sessions programme from 2013 is now closed. For more information on the online session content, see below. The training programme included sessions on the history and future of Stereo 3D, practical case studies, advice on making the most of budgetary limitations, insight into what developers and audiences want, and discussions to […]

The Cross Channel Film Lab UK workshops will include Open Sessions for industry professionals in the fields of VFX, Screenwriting and Stereo 3D. You’ll be able to find more information about these on the events page (link) as they are programmed,  and we’ll be sharing recordings of some of the sessions here.