Title: The Cross Channel Film Lab at the BFX Festival

Location: Tregonwell Hall, Bournemouth International Centre

Date: Friday 26 September 2014


Join us for a morning of CCFL themed events at the BFX Festival in Bournemouth on Friday 26 September.

10 – 11.50 The Cross Channel Film Lab presents “When VFX Met Story”

The Cross Channel Film Lab is a Franco-British R & D project that brings together VFX specialists, students and experienced feature film writer-director-producer teams at an early stage of development to collaborate on the stories and the films’ VFX vision.

This session looks at the development process for four of the feature films developed with CCFL, demonstrating how early creative partnerships can lead to stronger stories, a clearer vision, and more cost-effective VFX and/or animation.  All four films are in active development, continuing to draw on what they have learnt through the CCFL process so far.

Hosted by CCFL project co-director Mary Davies and Bournemouth University researcher Josh Richards, the session shares some of the R & D materials and explores different aspects of the process, including presentations from VFX supervisor Paddy Eason, writer-drector David Vital-Durand, and CCFL project co-director and script consultant Pippa Best.

12 – 1 The Cross Channel Film Lab presents “The Machine: A low budget VFX case study” with Christian Lett of Bait Studio

What happens when a VFX team works with a writer-director to respond creatively to the restrictions of delivering great VFX on a relatively small budget?

The Machine is a multi-award winning “low-fi sci-fi” thriller. VFX supervisor Christian Lett of Bait Studio, one of the key VFX companies delivering the film’s innovative low-budget VFX,  talks us through the development process and the VFX Bait created for the film.

Christian will be joined after his presentation by director Caradog James for a virtual Q & A.

For ticket information, visit the BFX Festival website.