Here’s one of our most popular sessions from the previous Cross Channel Film Lab 2 programme (2012 – 2014).

What would YOU create if you knew everything you needed to know about visual effects and Stereo 3D at a low budget …?


New Narrative Approaches to Low Budget VFX and Stereo 3D

A session for screenwriters interested in exploring how VFX or Stereo 3D might help them connect with audiences differently.

Script consultants and Cross Channel Film Lab co-directors Pippa Best and Antoine Le Bos present examples of lower budget VFX techniques; explore spatial perception and philosophy as a route to understanding the narrative potential of Stereo 3D; and take a quick look at games engines as a development tool. Including discussion between participants at the original open session, and an opportunity to share your own script ideas with other participants.

During the session, you will see “watch clip” cards – when these appear, pause the video to view one of the clips below:

CLIP 1: National Centre for Computer Animation – short film


CLIP 2: L’Anglaise et Le Duc

Click to view on YouTube

(NOTE: If this opens on the same page, you’ll need to return to the main film at around 8min30)

CLIP 3: Je Vous Ai Compris

CLIP 4: Dancing Dots

CLIP 5: Renaissance trailer

CLIP 6: Pina trailer

CLIP 7: Source Filmmaker tutorial (start 2 minutes in, and watch until 4 minute point)

Follow this link to a list of Source Film-maker tutorials and choose “00 Basics”, our discussion takes place while viewing this clip.

CLIP 8: Meet the Medic


Tell me more about CCFL Training 2016

Visual effects and Stereo 3D are more commonly associated with high budget films – but there’s potential to do so much more, and we want to help you get there.

So our new training programme, CCFL Training, is designed to help filmmakers working with visual effects and Stereo 3D transform their projects using cutting-edge technology.  Supported by Creative Europe, CCFL Training focuses on the development of low to medium budget feature films utilising VFX and Stereo 3D technologies to enhance storytelling and reach new audiences.

A core programme offers a cohort of filmmakers, each with early stage feature film projects, the chance to engage in a mix of residential workshops and online seminars, masterclasses and specialist consultancy, and learn more about the intersection of visual technology and screenwriting.

A further group of filmmakers each has the chance to participate in CCFL Training’s online programme.