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 VFX and Stereo 3D technologies and storytelling: Le Groupe Ouest hosts participants in the CCFL Training programme

The 22 participants of the Cross Channel Film Lab (CCFL) Training core programme were in Brignogan-Plages and Plounéour-Trez (Brittany) from 9 to 11 November 2015 for the second and final workshop of the year.  They continued to build on the work started at the first 2015 workshop at Falmouth University in June on the impact of new visual technologies on storytelling and how this can enhance their own feature film projects.

The CCFL Training programme, launched by Le Groupe Ouest, is supported by the European Union (Creative Europe) and the CNC (French National Centre of Cinematography).  The programme helps filmmakers to obtain the skills, knowledge and extended networks needed to successfully utilise VFX and/or Stereo 3D technologies at low to medium budgets, and aims to open up new creative possibilities for independent cinema.

Participants from nine countries in and beyond Europe took part in sessions led by visual technologies experts and script consultants.  Together they exploree how storytelling can be integrated with the use of these technologies, benefiting the development and production of low to medium budget feature films.

Creative Europe, Creative England and Falmouth University, along with Brittany-based Le Groupe Ouest, are partners in CCFL Training.

CCFL Training 2015 participants

Rosy Barnes (UK) – writer, Better Self (VFX)
Stephan Bookas (UK) – writer-director, Darkness for Light (VFX)
N.G. Bristow (UK) – co-writer-director, Angel West (Stereo 3D)
Stratis Chatzielenoudas (Greece) – writer-director, producer, Haunted by City Lights (VFX)
Andrea ter Avest Dahm (Kenya) – writer, Àse (Stereo 3D)
Carlos Esteban Esteban (Spain) – producer (VFX)
Corto Fajal (France) – writer-director, E-thic (VFX)
Jules Gladys (UK) – producer, Darkness for Light (VFX)
Dulce da Rocha Gonçalves (Belgium) – producer (3D relief)
Karen Guillorel (France) – writer-director, We Are Neighbours (3D relief)
Andrey Hadjivasilev (Bulgaria) – producer (3D relief)
Lindsay McGee (UK) – producer, Better Self (VFX)
Lévon Minasian (France) – writer-director, Yakov’s Ark (VFX)
Guillaume Miquel (France) – writer-director, After Life (VFX)
Bogdan Mustata (Romania) – director, In Between (3D relief)
Joy Penroz (Chile/France) – writer-director, Montaña Azul (Blue Mountain) (3D relief)
Matt Redd (UK) – writer, Joe and Katie Are in a Relationship (VFX)
Ben Schwartz (USA) – writer-director, Untitled (Stereo 3D)
Kathy Speirs (UK) – producer, Joe and Katie Are in a Relationship (VFX)
Pierre-Gilles Stehr (France) – writer-director, Invisible (3D relief)
Kate Sullivan (UK) – director, Itinerary (3D relief)
Edward Tracy (UK) – director, Captcha (VFX)

CCFL Training 2015 consultants

Yann Apperry – script consultant (France)
Pippa Best – script consultant (UK)
Mary Davies – script consultant (UK)
Daniel Dixon – VFX producer, Fume Films and VFX co-ordinator (UK)
François Garnier – stereoscopy lecturer, director and new media designer (France)
Antoine Le Bos – script consultant (France)
Tommi Lehtonen – founder and CEO, UNITC Ltd. (Finland)
Peter Rogers – VFX supervisor, Bait Studio (Cardiff, UK)
Alexandre Sinn – stereographer (France)