The CCFL Training 2016 online programme will start on Monday 12 September.  The programme is closed for applications.

This unique online programme is designed to increase the knowledge and expertise of filmmakers interested in learning more about the use of VFX and Stereo 3D in low to medium budget European feature films by providing access to seminars, panel discussions, live chat with expert speakers, and a community of like-minded filmmakers.  It extends the Cross Channel Film Lab’s training opportunity to a group of participants who will be selected to access the Lab’s training resources virtually.

What does the online programme include?

This interactive programme includes scheduled online seminars recorded at the CCFL Training workshops this year, each accompanied by live chats with featured experts; access to the the CCFL Training online archive featuring numerous additional sessions recorded over the past five years; and a private online community of like-minded filmmakers.

A mix of lectures, case studies, discussions, and pitch events, the CCFL Training online programme will be hosted over a series of evenings in two parts, from 12 – 16  September and 5 – 9 December 2016.  Most sessions are expected to run from 19.00 to approximately 21.30 UK time.  While we encourage participants to experience these sessions together, it will be possible to watch the material in your own time if you are unavailable for some of these.

More information on the content of these sessions and the CCFL Training private archive will be available soon.

Phase one

The first section of the training programme will run over a week from 12 – 16  September 2016.  The content of the first five sessions will be:

12 September: Introduction to Story Development – with live chat with script consultant Yann Apperry

13 September: Introduction to Stereo 3D – with live chat with Stereo 3D consultant François Garnier

14 September: Introduction to VFX, including case studies – with live chat with VFX consultants Peter Rogers and Tommi Lehtonen

15 September: Vision and Perception: The fundamentals of 3D grammar – History of Stereoscopy in Communication – with live chat with Stereo 3D consultant François Garnier

16 September: VFX case studies focusing on design – live chat tbc

In each daily seminar, participants will watch a pre-recorded session from the CCFL Training 2016 June workshop together, discuss this with each other, and ask questions to featured speakers.


Phase two

The second section of the online programme will run over a week from 5 – 9 December 2016.  As in the first phase, this part of the programme will feature sessions pre-recorded at the CCFL Training 2016 November workshop.

As an additional element, programme two will also include two sessions of feature film pitches given by the teams participating in the core training scheme, with VFX projects and Stereo 3D projects.  These pitches will be accompanied by industry commentary and insights, and will offer a chance for online participants to ask questions to the core programme filmmakers about their vision and approach to using low budget VFX or Stereo 3D in their films: a unique opportunity to see the evolution of innovative low budget Stereo 3D and VFX projects in action.

Specific session content will be refined as we approach the workshop.

Additional resources

Archive: In addition to the scheduled online programme, between September and the end of December 2016 participants will be able to access the Cross Channel Film Lab Training archive.

The CCFL Training archive includes additional seminars, discussions and case studies recorded during the June 2016 workshop, and in previous years of CCFL workshops.  A  list of archive content will be available soon.

The archive features discussions and presentations from additional experts including Joséphine Derobe, Marc Caro, Fabienne Tsaï, Pierre Souchar, Etienne Hendrickx, Paddy Eason, Peter Bailey, Mondo Ghulam and Andy Wyatt.

Community: Participants will be invited to access a private Facebook group to share ideas and questions with each other during the programme.  Each week, an archive session will be posted in the Facebook group for discussion, serving as a prompt for an informal additional study programme.

The filmmakers currently participating in the Lab’s core training programme will also be able to attend the online programme, alongside the online articipants, building additional connections for all involved.

This online programme will make CCFL’s learning accessible to a virtual community of filmmakers from across Europe and beyond.  All you need to participate is your computer and a wi-fi connection.


Find out about the current crop of CCFL Training core programme participants and projects over here.

You may also be interested in these short films about the projects that went through the Cross Channel Film Lab in 2013 and 2014 – the VFX Films and the Stereo 3D Films.

What is CCFL Training all about?

Visual effects and Stereo 3D are more commonly associated with high budget films – but we know that there is potential to do so much more at a lower budget.  We want to help you to enhance your storytelling and reach new audiences.

Supported by Creative Europe, CCFL Training is aimed at filmmakers who are developing or are interested in developing low to medium budget feature films utilising VFX and Stereo 3D technologies.  The two strands of the training programme (the core programme and the online programme) are designed to help filmmakers working with visual effects and Stereo 3D transform their projects using cutting-edge technology.

The core programme is currently supporting 16 filmmakers, each with early stage feature film projects, over a period of six months including two residential workshops.

This new online programme will support a further group of filmmakers virtually: our intention is to make all that we have learned so far about VFX and Stereo 3D for independent cinema as accessible as possible to those who are unable to participate in the core programme.

While we will not work directly on individual projects in the online programme, we will be providing access to recordings of the workshop sessions, live chat, and a unique chance to learn more about the intersection of visual technology and screenwriting within a community of like-minded filmmakers.  You will be able to apply what you learn directly to your projects outside of the scheme.

Join us to learn from key experts in the fields of emerging visual technology and screenwriting.  Build connections with innovative filmmakers from across Europe.  Access the CCFL Training archive and online sessions to deepen your knowledge and extend your networks.  Leave with a clearer vision, a greater understanding of the possibilities open to you, and the skills you need to develop low budget feature film projects that utilise visual effects and/or Stereo 3D.

Why the Cross Channel Film Lab?

The Cross Channel Film Lab aims to develop specialist skills and increase capacity in the fields of narrative, Stereo 3D and VFX.  To do this, we are fostering new partnerships across Europe and providing inspiration and education in the use of VFX and Stereo 3D at lower budgets.

This new CCFL Training programme offers a unique opportunity to share and advance the learning from the Lab’s development activity with the European filmmaking community.  Sessions will focus on the knowledge and infrastructure required for successful low to medium budget films to utilise VFX and Stereo 3D technologies, considering their relationship with narrative, and ways of reaching new audiences.

The Cross Channel Film Lab supports brave, original and imaginative use of visual effects and/or Stereo 3D in low to medium budget feature films that will enliven European storytelling and extend the international audience for European cinema.

To find out more, browse our FAQs.