CCFL training image - credit Brigitte Bouillot24 international filmmakers with feature film projects involving VFX and Stereo 3D have been selected to take part in the Cross Channel Film Lab’s 2015 programme, kicking off with a four-day workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall in June.

The Cross Channel Film Lab new training programme, CCFL Training, is designed to bring together predominantly European writers, directors and producers with visual technologies experts and script consultants to explore how storytelling can be impacted by the use of these technologies, affecting the development and production of low to medium budget feature films.

Creative Europe, Creative England and Falmouth University, along with Brittany-based Le Groupe Ouest, are partners in CCFL Training.

Coming from nine countries in and beyond Europe, the selected participants will take part in sessions that will help them obtain the skills, knowledge and extended networks needed to successfully utilise VFX and/or Stereo 3D technologies at low to medium budgets and open up new creative possibilities for independent cinema.

16 feature film projects, split evenly between VFX and Stereo 3D, will be developed over six months, bookended by the Falmouth workshop and a second residential workshop at Le Groupe Ouest’s headquarters in Brittany in November, with virtual consultancy sessions with story and technical consultants in between.  CCFL Training combines traditional learning (case studies, seminars) with hands-on training, group and individual project mentoring, and peer learning, and online sessions that provide an opportunity to revisit past workshop sessions.  A parallel online programme incorporating these sessions will be announced in June, with a call for a further 24 participants.

Pippa Best, Mary Davies and Antoine Le Bos, co-directors of CCFL Training, are delighted with the range of participants: “This year Creative Europe’s involvement has allowed us to build on the past three years of the CCFL and extend our reach into Europe and the wider world beyond the UK and France.”

The following filmmakers will be participating in the Cross Channel Film Lab Training 2015 programme:

Rosy Barnes (UK) – writer, Better Self (VFX)
Stephan Bookas (UK) – writer-director, Darkness for Light (VFX)
N.G. Bristow (UK) – co-writer-director, Angel West (Stereo 3D)
Stratis Chatzielenoudas (Greece) – director-writer-producer, Haunted by City Lights (VFX)
Andrea ter Avest Dahm (Kenya) – writer, Àse (Stereo 3D)
Laura Deeley (UK) co-writer, Captcha (VFX)
Carlos Esteban Esteban (Spain) – producer (VFX)
Corto Fajal (France) – writer-director, E-thic (VFX)
Jules Gladys (UK) – producer, Darkness for Light (VFX)
Dulce da Rocha Gonçalves (Belgium) – producer (Stereo 3D)
Karen Guillorel (France) – writer-director, We Are Neighbours (Stereo 3D)
Andrey Hadjivasilev (Bulgaria) – producer (Stereo 3D)
Lindsay McGee (UK) – producer, Better Self (VFX)
Lévon Minasian (France) – writer-director, Yakov’s Ark (VFX)
Guillaume Miquel (France) – writer-director, After Life (VFX)
Bogdan Mustata (Romania) – director, In Between (Stereo 3D)
Joy Penroz (Chile) – writer-director, Montaña Azul (Blue Mountain) (Stereo 3D)
Matt Redd (UK) – writer, Joe and Katie Are in a Relationship (VFX)
Ben Schwartz (USA) – writer-director, Untitled (Stereo 3D)
Kathy Speirs (UK) – producer, Joe and Katie Are in a Relationship (VFX)
Pierre-Gilles Stehr (France) – writer-director, Invisible (Stereo 3D)
Kate Sullivan (UK) – director, Itinerary (Stereo 3D)
Edward Tracy (UK) director, Captcha (VFX)

Rob Yescombe (UK) writer, Captcha (VFX)

The CCFL Training consultants at the Falmouth workshop will be:

Yann Apperry – script consultant (France)
Pippa Best – script consultant (UK)
Mary Davies – script consultant (UK)
Daniel Dixon – VFX producer, Fume Films and VFX co-ordinator (UK)
François Garnier – stereoscopy lecturer, director and new media designer (France)
Antoine Le Bos – script consultant (France)
Tommi Lehtonen – Founder and CEO, UNITC Ltd. (Finland)
Peter Rogers – VFX supervisor, Bait Studio (Cardiff, UK)

Alexandre Sinn – stereographer (France)

For more information, contact: Pippa Best or Mary Davies

Notes to editors:

The Cross Channel Film Lab Training programme is supported by Creative Europe in partnership with Le Groupe Ouest, Creative England and Falmouth University.

Le Groupe Ouest seeks to further filmmaking in Brittany in a context of European co-operation and innovation.
Le Groupe Ouest is:
1. A unique place in France dedicated to the scriptwriting process and coaching writers.
2.  A research and creation platform for linking storytelling with new imaging technology.
3.  An innovative approach involving businesses in the development of  Brittany’s filmmaking industry.

Le Groupe Ouest is a partner of the TorinoFilmLab and a partner and co-founder of the Cross Channel Film Lab.

Creative England

Creative England offers funding and tailored support to the TV, film, games and digital industries, and helps them flourish.  It invests, mentors, advocates and collaborates at all levels of the industry, creating the right conditions for more success.

Falmouth University is a vibrant and forward-thinking specialist arts university and key player in the national and international creative scene.  A justifiable international reputation for excellence in Art, Design, Media, Performance and Writing has grown from over a century of nurturing original thinking, supported by highly talented and professional staff.

Industry partners

The CCFL offers a wide range of expertise from across the film industry plus broad research knowledge and experience from its academic partners.

Amongst many others, the CCFL has previously consulted with experts at companies such as A Droite de la Lune, Amak, Bait Studios, BBC Films, Eyes3Shut, Film4, Film Factory, Nvizible,  Rushes, Studio Canal, Vertigo Films, Vision 3 and Zoptic; directors including Gareth Edwards, Marc Caro, Christian Volckman, Ciaron Foy and Caradoc James; script consultants Yann Apperry, Pippa Best, Mary Davies and Antoine Le Bos; VFX experts Paddy Eason, Jean-Baptiste Lère, Christian Lett, Jonathan Privett, and Feidhlimidh Woods; and Stereo 3D specialists Hugo Barbier, Joséphine Derobe, François Garnier, Martin Parsons and Chris Parks.

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