France – VFX project – 2014

Watch a short film about the VFX tests and script development process for the feature film project, Dôme, as part of the Cross Channel Film Lab 2014. With director Luis Briceño and producer Jérémy Rochigneux.

Luis Briceño (director)

Luis Briceno - DomeBorn in Chile in 1971, Luis Briceño has lived in France since 1992. After studying cinema and post-production for animated films, he directed several short films, music videos and commercials, mixing different techniques of animation and live action. His shorts (Fard, Tomatl, Farewell General, Caged Birds Cannot Fly, Billy the KillyWilde Kartoffel) received 100 awards in France and worldwide. Luis is now developing his first feature, Dôme.

Jérémy Rochigneux (producer)

Jeremy Rochigneux - DomeAfter assisting Denis Freyd on feature film production for three years, in 2000 Jérémy Rochigneux decided to team up with Luis Briceño to create Metronomic, an independent studio dedicated to the production of both animated and live action films. He then produced twenty short films, including The Crabs Revolution (awarded in Annecy and Ottawa) and Fard (Animation Award in Clermont Ferrand), before focusing on the development of the feature film Dôme.


In a post-apocalyptic world where people are surviving among ruins, a drawn utopia begins to fall apart and two worlds collide as one man discovers what lies beneath the drawing.

In a desert, a group of humans are surviving among ruins. One of these survivors, young Thomas, discovers a man, Oscar, lying next to a giant dome. Oscar is alive but he is entirely drawn by hand, in two dimensions. Some time before, in a hand-drawn world where all traumatic memories have been erased, Oscar is chosen to make the first trip to a future settlement. Life is peaceful until one day an accident leads him to discover the reality hidden beneath his own drawn face. Escaping from the Dome, Oscar collapses in the desert and is saved by Thomas, who decides to help him to survive in this harsh world. But Oscar’s health deteriorates, and his only chance of survival is to get back inside the Dome.