Entre les bêtes (Among the Beasts)

France – VFX Project – 2016

Alice Bégon (producer)

CCFL 2016

After graduating from the Gobelins school and the production department of La Fémis, Alice Bégon started her career as production manager on animated series and feature films.  She produced several short films including Jeunesse des loups garous, which was selected by the Semaine de la critique, Cannes, in 2015.  Alice joined Les Films d’Argile to develop her first feature film, Among the Beasts, as a producer

Clément Schneider (writer-director)

Cross Channel Film Lab 2016 Training Workshop 1, CornwallBorn in 1989 in France, Clément Schneider studied filmmaking at La Fémis and graduated in 2013.  He directed several shorts during his studies, and also self-produced and directed a feature film, Sketches on the Theme of Love.   Since finishing at La Fémis, Clément has co-founded a production company, Les Films d’Argile, in order to produce independent movies – fiction and documentaries.  He also continues to write and direct his own films, including Among the Beasts, which was a finalist for the Sopadin Junior Best Script Price 2015.


Europe in the near future has suffered from the ravages of the “mycelium”, an organism that destroys any metal.  A few surviving groups of men must face the violence prevailing in a Zone that has become an open-air prison for criminals.  Lerwick is one of these convicts.  Like all the other “packs”, his pack is looking for a way to escape.  On the road they survive through pillaging and violence.  One day, Lerwick discovers a being, half-woman half-dog, tied up to a wall.  She behaves like a beast, neither speaking nor understanding human language.  Lerwick chooses to hide her from his companions and starts to tame her, step by step, as one would domesticate a wild animal.  Between Lerwick and the dog-woman a complex relationship develops, in which the attachment of a beast for its master and the desire of a man for a woman intertwine dangerously.
A story about the line between man and beast, when L’enfant Sauvage meets Stalker, Among the Beasts rests upon the classic idea that a step backwards, from a technical point of view, for a so-called advanced society goes hand in hand with dissoluteness of morals and a return to savagery and violence.