UK – Stereo 3D Project – 2015

Kate Sullivan (director)

KATE SULLIVAN, Stereo 3D participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Kate Sullivan is a filmmaker and animator, currently working in TV and advertising to support her personal projects.  Her first live-action/animated documentary premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and won several awards.  (“Walk Tall re-invents the public information film through perfect unison of character and form … quite wonderful.”  Danny Boyle)  Kate has been making her own unfunded 3D shorts since 2010.  Her works in progress include a Viewmaster photoshoot of Côte de Granit Rose and a short featuring the Carnac menhirs, cross-cut with their fibreglass likenesses on a neighboring Eurocamp miniature golf course.


Take your seat on board an immersive 3D travelogue that shows you sights less seen and explores the act of sightseeing itself (comfort break included).  Itinerary will draw our attention to some of our more unorthodox beauty spots, move through 3D stills of diverse landscapes, and also explore 3D negative space, as one might do if drawing a scene.  There are no guides.  Just our own act of seeing and whatever these images may make us feel.  The aim?  That the audience, upon leaving the theatre, will look at the real world with as much wonder as they did these striking images – to sight-see life.