La Reine du Sabbat

France – Stereo 3D Project – 2013

Pablo Agüero (writer-director)

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Pablo Agüero was raised in Argentinian Patagonia, where he shot his short films Primera Nieve(Jury Prize, Cannes 2006) and Lejos del Sol(Best Short Film, Buenos Aires and Cork 2007), then his feature films Salamandra (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2008) and 77 Doronship (Best Director, Buenos Aires 2009). His projects have been hosted by residences such as the Cinéfondation, the Centre d’Écritures Cinématographiques and the Torino Film Lab.

Nicolas R. de la Mothe (producer)

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Born in Paris, Nicolas R. de la Mothe worked for Sony Pictures and Gaumont before creating his own production company, Gladys Glover Films, in 2009.  His filmography includes Alain Guiraudie’s feature Le Roi de l’Évasion (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2009), documentaries such as Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater (Best Documentary, Venice 2013) and several short films. 


1609.  A village deserted by men.  A young girl inducted into nocturnal dances in the forest.  A judge called in for a witch trial.  An irresistible fascination with evil.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century in the kingdom of France, in a wild placebetween the mountains, the forest and the sea, there are no men, only women.  The men spend several months each year away fishing.  Alone, the women have their own rituals and dance around a bonfire all night long in the forest.

Today is the last day of 14 year-old Amaïa’s childhood.  After she joins the women for the first time, she gets lost in the forest and at dawn she is arrested and accused of witchcraft.  The judge, Pierre de Lancre, a charming 50 year-old man, has been sent by Henri IV to exterminate all the witches of the locality.  But his own obsession is to learn everything about the Sabbath, the legendary celebration where witches are supposed to meet Satan.

Little by little, de Lancre forces Amaïa to say exactly what he wants to hear.  Little by little, he pushes her to become a real woman, a real witch.  She realises that the only way to survive is to play the judge’s game, but little by little, the game becomes real until the only one who can save Amaïa is Satan himself.