Montaña Azul

France – Stereo 3D Project – 2015

Joy Penroz (writer-director)

JOY PENROZ, Stereo 3D participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,

Born in Santiago, Chile, Joy Penroz studied Visual Arts in Yucatan, Mexico, and majored in Film Direction at the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya in Barcelona.  After working at different production companies, she directed her own short films Happy Easter in 2011 and El Salto de la Princesa in 2012, with a granted from the Audiovisual Chilean Fund and awarded in several international festivals.  In 2013, Joy founded RAKi Films and produced El Origen del Cielo, a feature film directed by David Belmar.  She now lives in France where she is preparing her first feature film in 3D, Montaña Azul.


In a small village in the Andes in southern Chile, the ancient indigenous Mapuche people cursed the young giant Pehuencura to loneliness and eternal life in the Blue Mountains.  Today, a teenage girl named Ailin feels rejected by the sexist and close-minded inhabitants of her village.  As the people of the region work on the construction of a hydro-electric power station that will change the local ecosystem, the lives of Ailin and Pehuencura cross on the Blue Mountain.  Out of their friendship will come a dark adventure in the search for a new ecological balance that will radically change the fate of the village and its people and end the curse of Pehuencura.  A magical realist style will blend indigenous geological legends from the Mapuche people with actual ecological and social conflicts.  Thanks to Stereo 3D, the audience will be brought into a realistic world where magic will not look artificial but part of reality.