The previous Cross Channel Film Lab (CCFL2) project brought together eleven partners from the UK and France.  Working with a range of industry experts over three years, CCFL2 explored innovative and immersive images and storytelling in low to medium budget feature films.

The programme looked at using Stereo 3D as a narrative tool and successfully showed how considering visual imaging at the writing and development stages of film projects can foster creativity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

From its foundation as a cross-disciplinary forum where filmmakers, scientific researchers, technicians, educational institutions and industry can share skills and knowledge while exploring an alternative approach to independent low to medium budget cinema, the Cross Channel Film Lab is now forming new partnerships across Europe.

CCFL aims to create a consortium of SMEs, research institutes and laboratories, universities and centres of creativity, to revitalise the processes of film production and development, and provide inspiration and education in the use of VFX, immersive media and Stereo 3D at lower budgets.