Italy – VFX Project – 2016

Gian Luca Caruso (writer-director)

Cross Channel Film Lab 2016 Training Workshop 1, CornwallGian Luca Caruso, was born in 1976 in Naples (Italy).  After his Masters degree in History and Criticism of Cinema on Steven Spielberg’s cinematography, he moved to Rome where he works as a director for RAI (Italian national broadcasting company).  Meanwhile he set up as creative director and producer his own company, Twinkles Pictures – Scintillini Cinematografica, an audiovisual production and communication agency based in Rome, specialising in innovative video formats for cinema, TV and Web.


Gek is an unsuccessful Italian geologist.  Although he has tried to become a famous scientist, he is  frustrated because he works as a modest archivist in a small museum.  Gek is jeaolus of his colleague Jacob, a TV star hosting a successful scientific programme.  In order to change his life, Gek is convinced that he must make an extraordinary scientific discovery.  He has been planning to lead an expedition in the Mediterranean Sea to recover a rare starfish fossil, but has given up after discovering that the fossils are buried under a submarine volcanic island called Ferdinandea.  When an atomic experiment in South Korea causes a chain of submarine earthquakes that lift Ferdinandea, raising it up to the surface of the sea, this is the opportunity for Gek has been waiting for.

Gek travels to Sciacca, a small town on the coast of Sicily, where he meets Julia, who is travelling round the world to forget her ex boyfriend Jakob, Gek’s rival.  Julia asks to join Gek’s expedition.  Jakob arrives with a TV crew to shoot an episode about Ferdinandea.  When he discovers that Julia is helping Gek in his expedition, Jakob decides to obstruct them and find the rare starfish for first.  When moonlight reveal the presence of thousands of starfish hidden in a small canyon that sparkles in the night, Gek and Julia have to make a decision: if they tell everyone about this discovery, massive tourism could destroy the island.  Will Gek have to give up his dream of becoming a famous scientist?  Will Gek and Julia find love instead?