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Access to the online open sessions programme from 2013 is now closed. For more information on the online session content, see below. The training programme included sessions on the history and future of Stereo 3D, practical case studies, advice on making the most of budgetary limitations, insight into what developers and audiences want, and discussions to […]

Title: Pina – A Low Budget Stereo 3D Case Study Location: Media Centre Cinema, Falmouth University Description: Francois Garnier and Josephine Derobe discuss the making of Wim Wenders’ Pina. A screening of Pina in Stereo 3D (venue TBC) followed by a discussion with Francois Garnier and Josephine Derobe (key members of the Stereo 3D team […]

The heart of the Cross Channel Film Lab? People and technology – innovation and collaboration.

Watch this mini-documentary from our 2012 Partners’s Workshop in Brittany to find out more…

Gareth Edwards

What are the practical tools we need to deliver great VFX at a low budget? Visual effects have traditionally been perceived as a big-budget endeavour. But our research* uncovered some handy tips for using VFX effectively in low budget films. First of all, the key areas to think about if you want to make a […]

What does the future hold for Stereo 3D films? In 2010, a small team of researchers carried out research* into the UK VFX and Stereo 3D industry. Here are just a few of the thoughts that came up in our interviews about the future of Stereo 3D at a low budget. Will Stereo 3D stick […]

How can a project like the Cross Channel Film Lab help the VFX industry? In 2010, a small team of researchers carried out research into the UK VFX and Stereo 3D industry, as we explored whether our model for a Cross Channel Film Lab could help to meet industry needs.  To share some of our […]