Title: The Fundamentals of 3D Grammar/Pina: A Low Budget Stereo 3D Case Study

Location: online

Tuesday 30 July

19.30 – 20.50 UK time (20.30 – 21.50 FR time): The Fundamentals of 3D Grammar with Joséphine Derobe

Joséphine Derobe provides an overview of the basic grammar for shooting in Stereo 3D.

20.50 – 21.40 UK time (21.50 – 22.40 FR time): Pina: A Low Budget Stereo 3D Case Study with Francois Garnier

A presentation by François Garnier and Joséphine Derobe, (key members of the Stereo 3D team for the film Pina) about the use of Stereo 3D in the film, and how they approached the creative and budgetary restrictions.

Please note that Joséphine Derobe will be joining us for a live chat after our open session on Wednesday 31 July, so save any questions for then…


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