The Origin of the World

France – Stereo 3D Project – 2016

Emmanuelle Caquille (writer-director)

Cross Channel Film Lab 2016 Training Workshop 1, CornwallAfter studying production at La Femis and graduating in 1992, Emmanuelle Caquille has been executive producer on a 52 part TV series, a first assistant director for TV and has also had extensive experience of directing for TF1 in France.




The film has two levels: a movie within a movie.  Marie, aged 30 and six months pregnant, is a director who is writing and preparing a film.  She has been selected for the Emergence talent programme and has to shoot a scene as part of the process.  But when her mother announces that she is seriously ill with cancer, Marie gives birth prematurely.  The child dies and Marie is unable to shoot her film.

The second level is the mental projection of the movie that Marie intends to make, and will be shot in 3D.  It is the story of Malika, a 20 year-old French woman of north African origin who is trying to escape an arranged marriage and is going to be forced to have her hymen restored.  Malika is the personification of the difficulties facing Marie.  Malika will make a success of the passage from girl to woman, while Marie will fail in passing from woman to mother.