Tro Fañch

France – Stereo 3D project – 2014

Giil Taws (director, co-writer)

giil2 copy Giil Taws was born in Brittany.  He has produced, written and directed documentaries and fiction films as well as experimental pieces.  His first feature Lundi (Monday) handled the subject of drug addiction while Lóa (shot in Iceland), his second film, was about dreams and had a sharp surrealistic edge.  Giil collaborated with director of photography Lubomir Backchev on these two films.  For The One who Made it Rain, his latest fiction work, which was shot in Mongolia and produced between Iceland and Brittany, the director of photography was István Borbás.  Simultaneously, Giil directed a full length documentary, Gathering with the Men of Síða, which tells the story of shepherding thousands of sheeps with Icelandic farmers.  He co-wrote the screenplay Ruins, an upcoming horror movie soon to be shot in Iceland.  He has been invited to several public readings for his poems.

Christophe Briand (co-writer)

Christophe BriandChristophe Briand was born in 1970.  After training as a graphic designer, in 1994 he joined a travelling theatre troupe as an actor.  While there he performed numerous roles from the classical repertoire (Molière, Marivaux, Rostand) and also took part in shows for young audiences.  In 2000 Christophe left the company to work with other theatre companies, where he discovered playwrights such as Goldoni and Hugo Claudel, and also contemporary writers including Ricardo Montserat, Michael Sonsogni and Mario Batista.  In 2008 he wrote his first monologue, Leon l’Artiste, directed by Luc Antoni.  He is currently working with the street theatre company Machtiern in its show Les AquamenS.  Since 2012, Christophe has been working with Giil Taws as co-writer on the screenplay for Tro Fañch.


An over-ambitious cycle dealer is unexpectedly forced to make a bicycle trip around Brittany and rediscovers the beauties of the world that surrounds him.

Armand, who runs a small bicycle shop in Brittany with his daughter Aurélie, has been working for years on the commercialisation of a collapsible bicycle, which he is ready to present to a group of investors.  Aurélie discovers that Fañch, an old man who was about to set off on a bicycle trip through Brittany, has died, and insists on making the trip in his place.  After an argument between her and Armand, Armand decides that he must make Fañch’s journey himself, thinking that it will only take him a couple of days to complete.  Nothing goes according to plan: Armand has overestimated his physical condition, he meets obstacles along the way, and his meeting with the investors is brought forward.  Finishing the trip could jeopardise eveything he has worked for.   After disaster strikes, Armand learns to take life as it comes and appreciate what he has, returning home a changed man.