We had an inspiring and intensive week at our first UK workshop at the end of March. The week brought together our four feature film project teams, specialist researchers, consultants, industry speakers and the CCFL project partners at Falmouth University’s AIR building.

We also hosted a programme of Open Sessions, supported by Creative Skillset, to share some of the workshop elements with a wider audience, and had fantastic feedback from participants.

All of us taking part in the full workshop were stimulated by a rare chance to bring different worlds together in a supportive and open environment. Great minds from industry and academia, France and the UK, science and the arts coming together to discuss each of the four feature film projects and find the best way forward. The programme created opportunities for individual script development sessions, work with consultants to develop specific plans for proofs of concept (stereo 3D test shoots and short VFX/animated sequences) that we will pursue through the year, open sessions to learn more about the technology from case studies, seminars and discussions, and chances to network over lunch and dinner and share our evolving experiences.

It was challenging and stimulating in equal parts, and lived up to its promise. We’re learning as we go, and are so grateful to everyone involved in making the Cross Channel Film Lab happen.

And now we’re busily gathering together material from the week to share with you, so watch this space…