USA – Stereo 3D Project – 2015

Ben Schwartz (writer-director)

BEN SCHWARTZ, Stereo 3D participant, Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,Ben Schwartz has been working as a digital imaging technician in film and television since 2005.  His responsibilities as the on-set video engineer include colour correction, data management, and general technical supervision.  In addition, he began working with Stereo 3D as a rig technician in 2010, and has directed several short stereo projects.  Prior to his career in production he was employed as a television news videographer and editor.  His education includes a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in film production.  He has been living and working in New York City since 2008.

Cross Channel Film Lab 2015 Training Workshop 1,


A group of miners excavating a ventilation shaft for a train tunnel find themselves trapped hundreds of feet below ground following a catastrophic accident.  Set in 1867 and based on a true story, the film will be an intense and visceral experience marked by an economy of characters, location, and storytelling.  The majority of the film takes place in this single subterranean location, and the story encapsulates the miners’ struggle to survive within it.  The ventilation shaft is, in effect, the film’s primary antagonist.  By utilising stereo 3D, the physical space of the shaft will be put front and centre, imbuing it with a tactile sense of realness and physicality, and creating the sense of being trapped at the bottom along with the miners.