_MG_6623_NBAt the end of the November 2015 workshop in Brittany we asked the participants of the CCFL Training core programme how the experience had been for them.

100% of the workshop participants said they would recommend the training programme to others.

Here are some of their comments: 

  • Amazing to have the latest of the latest rig and extremely knowledgeable experts!
  • My story consultant gave the most insightful development notes that I have ever received.
  • The story development element of the course could work as a standalone scheme!  It is of such a high standard.
  • The project would not have been developed to this standard without this scheme, thank you very much.
  • I have made some excellent contacts and will continue to collaborate with these people.
  • An extremely interesting and unique training course.  It exceeded my high expectations.  Congratulations on the training programme on Stereo 3D.
  • The course was set in beautiful areas.  The Anglo-French collaboration and interaction was extremely insightful, educational and enjoyable.
  • I was very touched by how tutors constantly did more to help than they had to.  This is not only great learning-wise, but also very encouraging – this part is priceless.
  • Highly professional and valuable knowledge in specific rare filmmaking field.  Thank you!!!
  • It helped me to strengthen my vision of the film and visual effects and appear reliable in front of a producer despite my lack of experience in the field of visual effects.  It helped me also in the global structure of the story and to include visual effects in a “natural” way.
  • The networking possibilities were very good.
  • Excellently organised by friendly people.
  • I would like the videos of lectures to remain on line forever.  I think it is great that you filmed sessions.
  • It was a great programme.
  • I would definitely recommend this.
  • Very useful, thank you!

If you have a feature project involving VFX or Stereo 3D which is at an early stage of development, you can apply for 2016 and find out what these filmmakers have been talking about.

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