UK – VFX Project – 2016

Gareth Peevers (writer-director)

CCFL 2016Gareth Peevers is an independent filmmaker based in Edinburgh in the UK.  Gareth’s first experience of filmmaking came from taking part in the Edinburgh 48-Hour Film Project, and in 2011 he won the Best Director award for the mockumentary, Free Crack.  Gareth has written, directed and co-produced two independent short films.  In 2012 he secured a place on the EIFF Talent Lab as a writer-director.  His short films have been screened in competition at a number of international festivals.  His feature screenplay Gridlock was optioned and received development funding from a UK based production company in 2014.


ZANN is a sci-fi horror set in the near future.  An accident at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, has devastated large swathes of central Europe and created a mysterious uninhabitable Zone.  An economic crisis has displaced millions of people from their homes.  Marie, a scientist who worked at CERN, has lost her family in the accident.   Hiding out in Edinburgh, she finds a dingy flat in a bleak, maze-like, largely unoccupied housing estate.  At night, Marie hears strange music from a flat above.  Her neighbour is Zann, a shy, haunted musician whose obsession with his music has lost him those he loved.  Zann’s experimental music fascinates Marie.  They bond in their loneliness.  Zann has a terrible burden.  Behind a door in his flat there is a rift, a portal, into the Zone.  He has discovered strange acoustics and harmonics that he must play to hold the rift at bay.  If he doesn’t respond, if he doesn’t play, the rift grows and affects reality.

Marie starts to receive disturbing phone calls from a young girl, who claims to be her daughter.  She has visions of her husband and questions her own sanity.  Marie confesses to Zann that she escaped the accident because she was with her lover in Paris.  Jack, her lover, tracks her down.  This pushes her further to the edge.  When she sees a small child following her she begins to believe her family is still alive, trapped in the Zone.  Marie enters the rift in Zann’s flat to try and find her family.  Zann is weakened from his ordeal and can’t stop her.  His music pulls Marie back.  Zann sacrifices himself by entering the rift, causing an eruption of energy.  Marie flees.  A few days later, she decides to travel to the Zone.  She will hide no longer, determined to help the scientists working to understand it.